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Igloo Dome Hire Dorset and Hampshire

01 Dec 2022

Do you want to make a memorable experience for your party? Be the envy of all your friends when you hire a Igloo Dome for your garden. Packages include a cinema dome, sleep over dome, dining experience dome and a sleep under the stars dome.

Each package has its unique quality’s and there is something for all age groups.

The cinema igloo dome comes with a projector and screen, the projector can have anything HDMI connected with it. Such as a fire stick, Xbox, DVD player, laptop and much more. Also provided is up to 6 medium sized bean bags, or 4 large bean bags, lights, electric fire heater and decorations.

The sleep over igloo dome comes with a cinema screen, projector, heater and 4 blow up beds. This package is the most popular, kids love a sleepover and what better way to have a sleep over than to be outside under the stars.

The dining igloo dome experience is great for a dinner party with a twist. Sits up to 8 people and everything is included right down to the cutlery. All you need to do is cook a tasty meal and serve it up.

Sleep under the stars igloo dome is for couples that like to be adventures. A lovely set up is provided with a double bed, cozy fresh sheets and some beautiful decorations.


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