Welcome to Back Garden Bubbles

Start Your Event Services Business With Back Garden Bubbles

Have you ever dreamt of owning your own business in the events industry, one that combines joy, excitement and profitability? Welcome to the world of Back Garden Bubbles. We offer you a unique franchising opportunity rich in potential and backed by a comprehensive support system.

Quick to Profit

Our Franchise is designed to set you on the path to profitability in no time. With a low upfront investment and a strong potential for high returns, our business model is a catalyst to quick profitability. Our broad appeal and the popularity of joyful experiences make Back Garden Bubbles a practically recession-proof business.

No Requirement to Work Full Time

Back Garden Bubbles franchise offers a unique, flexible model that doesn’t require full-time commitment. This flexibility allows you to maintain a work-life balance while running a successful business. You control your schedule and decide the rate at which your business grows.

Comprehensive Training

We offer an extensive training program that ensures you and your team are well equipped to manage the operations. From efficient event set-ups, client handling to troubleshooting issues, we cover it all. This minimises the learning curve and provides a smooth start to your franchise journey.

Why Choose Back Garden Bubbles?

Diverse Range of Services

We boast an impressive array of services that cater to a wide demographic. From luxurious garden bubble tents for romantic experiences to fun-filled games for children’s parties, we’ve got it all in our arsenal, making every event extraordinary.

Comprehensive Administrative System

Our innovative administrative system simplifies daily operations like bookings, client management, and routes planning. This reduces the workload while increasing efficiency, positively affecting both profits and customer satisfaction.

Active Social Media and Marketing Support

Our active social media presence and proven marketing strategies provide you with a strong platform to start with. This significantly boosts brand visibility and customer engagement.

Tailored On-Site Training

We provide hands-on practical training that goes beyond textbook knowledge. Our unique on-site training offers specific recommendations, personalised feedback and real-world troubleshooting scenarios.

At Back Garden Bubbles, we believe in nurturing entrepreneurial spirit through support, training and a lucrative business model. Harness the potential of the growing events industry and embark on an exciting journey with us to turn your dreams into reality. Start your Back Garden Bubbles franchise today!

Your dream is just a Bubble away!