Thank you for hiring one of our hot tubs. Our hot tubs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, however they are all controlled in the same way. Here are some helpful tips to some frequently asked questions on how to care for your hot tub during your hire, maintain clean water and enjoy your hire to the max!

One of our team will come and set your hot tub up and start filling with water.


Image of the filter holder.Hot tub filter holder

Once the filter holder is fully submerged under water you will need to turn on the water filter activation and heater Activation button on the control panel. These are located at the bottom of the panel to the left and right. These buttons must remain on for your hire and not be switched off at any point. Please note, if they are turned off the water will become dirty and it will lose temperature. Please then keep an eye on the water level and once the water has reached somewhere in between the min/max line, remove the hose and place the lid back over until use.


Control Panel.


On the LED display you will see the current temperate. We will always set the temperate to 40 degrees (the maximum temp) If you’re using a hot tap to fill the hot tub, please make sure the temperature does NOT exceed 40 degrees. This will cause the motor to overheat and potentially cause major damage to the motor. The outdoor running temperature of the hot tub is between 34-38 degrees.


The hot tub has a Lock/Unlock button located top left. If the panel has not been touched for 5 minutes or more this will automatically lock. To unlock, hold down the button for a few seconds until you hear a ‘beep’ and you can use the panel freely again. If there are young children using the hot tub you can also lock the panel yourself to avoid any button pressing by holding the button down for a few seconds until you hear a ‘beep’.


At the bottom of the panel, you will find the favourite button…THE BUBBLES! Once you press the AirJet Massage button the bubbles will stay on for as long as you need and can be turned off by pressing again. *Please note of the bubbles have been on for more than 5 minutes the automatic panel lock would have set so you will need to unlock first*

Temperature/Hour Adjustment. If you choose to fill your hot tub with cold water only this can take anywhere between 12-24 hours to reach a suitable temperature (summer time 6-12 hours) Once the heater button is switched on the motor will start heating the water approximately 1-1.5 degrees per hour. We will always set the temperature to reach 40 degrees however, if this is too hot for you the temperate can be turned down by using the downwards arrow on the panel. Please remember that if you’d like it warmer in the evening you will need to adjust that temperature back up during the afternoon giving it plenty of time to heat up again.

If my hot tub turns off, what shall I do?

Ideally the hot tub will be plugged into a mains socket, however we do provide an extension lead if the lead cannot reach. Our extension leads are weatherproof so fine to remain outside for your hire and can be splashed. If for any reason the hot tub turns off you will need to do the

following steps.

Image of RCD.


  1. Check the plug the hot tub is plugged into is working.
  2. Unplug by the mains and then plug back in after 10 seconds.
  3. Press and hold down the large orange button firmly for a few seconds until the light comes on.
  4. On the Control panel hold down the large round ‘Power’ button until it beeps.
  5. Switch back on the water filter activation and heater activation button.

Image of the filter holder open.

Changing the filter

We ask that you regularly check your filter. This will collect any grass, dirt, hair etc that falls into the hot tub. If an error code E02 appears on your LED screen this means the filter needs changing asap.

To check the filter, unscrew from the inside of the hot tub wall and remove the cover to check. The filters can be rinsed but we will leave spare to change over if needed.



You will be provided a lid for your lazy spa. We recommend this remains on while to the hot tub is not in use. You will also be provided a chlorine dispenser with chlorine tablets in which can float underneath the lid while its not in use. It releases a small amount of chlorine and will help to keep your water clean. If you have not been provided with one of these mushrooms, your chlorine dispenser will be attached to the hot tub and you wont need to do anything with it.


Pets and foreign objects

Our hot tubs are inflatable and pets must not be allowed to jump up or claw the tubs in anyway. This can result in a puncture and any repairs caused by a pet will be charged. Please remove rings or anything sharp before entering the hot tub. We understand children may want to use toys however, nothing with sharp edges must be used by the hot tub including lego and stones. Please ensure no one sits or stands on the edge of the hot tub

Any issues during your hire can be discussed with Natalie via telephone on 07912356488