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05 Jul 2022

The spa is known to provide a moment of relaxation, alone, with friends or family. But did you know that the hot tub also has many benefits? Here are 5 health benefits of hot tubs:

  • Detox: Hot water will rid your body of toxins through perspiration. A detox session in a hot tub will leave you feeling cleansed and boost your energy, while renewing and refreshing you.
  • Relax: Relaxing your muscles in warm water encourages relaxation.
    No pressure is put on your muscles and joints when you’re in hot water
    which helps your body relax. The bubbles are then used to massage your muscle tissue, which will give you a feeling of rest and calm.
  • Pain Relief: If you suffer from pain related to arthritis, aching joints and stiffness, the hot tub will make you feel much better. The massage sensation from the jets will target the causes of pain, creating relief and relaxation.
  • Stress relief: Stress is one of the main causes of muscle tension. Spas help blood vessels to dilate and encourage blood to
    flow through your body giving it a feeling of renewal.
  • Health boost: You are tired and you don’t feel like doing sports all day, so take a good relaxation session in a hot tub to boost your energy. Moreover, it also cleanses your skin, hydrates the cells and increases your metabolic rate.