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Why relaxing in a hot tub could help you run better

05 Jul 2022

Hello 2022, hello health kick?

If you’re one of those motivated individuals who have kept up with their fitness regime throughout 2019, 2020, 2021 and beyond, we applaud you (but this is still worth a read)!

If that’s not you and you’re struggling to get into the swing of the ‘let’s get fit’ new year’s resolutions, we might just have the solution for you.

The hot tub.

There’s a reason we associate them with relaxing spas, weekends retreats and all around good health – that’s because they have a whole host of health benefits that can make you feel happier and healthier. Here are 6 of them.

They can help you sleep better If you’ve ever tried having a hot bath before hitting the sack you’ll probably have nostalgia about the greatest night’s sleep you ever had. That’s because hot water promotes relaxation by raising your body temperature and relaxing your muscles which, in effect, makes you tired. So if a stressful return to work has been keeping you and your partner up at night – why not try soaking in a hot tub instead? This study even found that hot baths promote significantly deeper and more restful sleep and can even be an effective treatment for insomnia!
They can loosen up tight muscles and prepare you for the day Immersion in warm water can help ease the tightness in your muscles that leads to strain and injury when moving about. A 15-minute soak before kickstarting your day, going for that walk or heading to the gym can improve flexibility as your body warms up, and can also soothe overworked muscles when you’re finished!
They can improve your cardio fitness Heat therapy, like soaking in a hot tub, has been found to have positive effects on your hearts functioning and is thought to be a great treatment for improving cardiovascular health – helping improve you performance in exercises like running!
It can help reduce stress Much like a relaxing massage, the soothing effect of warm water and the massaging action can help relieve any physical, emotional and mental stress you may feel. We recommend pairing this with calming music and our underwater mood lighting for the full spa effect.
It helps burn calories For those struggling to keep up with daily exercise, its been found that relaxing in a waist-high hot bath for an hour burns nearly the same number of calories as a 30-minute walk! (I know which I’d rather be doing…)
It can help clear your skin For years, we’ve been told about the benefits of steam rooms for opening up our pours and washing away an impurities. And, if upping your skin care routine is part of your ‘New Year New Me’ resolution, you’ll be pleased to know that dipping in a hot tub could have the same impact – for a fraction of the price! Plus, it also increases your circulation, which is great for elasticity!

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