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03 Oct 2022

Hiring a hot tub at the weekend only can reduce hot tub running costs because it prevents unnecessary energy use.

Even when you have the best intentions of using your hot tub frequently, family life or coming home after work and having chores to do can limit your availability to spend time in the hot tub. With weekends allowing for more downtime, it makes sense to make use of your hot tub then and not have to worry about it during the week. Getting into a routine of only using a hot tub at the weekend can significantly reduce hot tub running costs and it means you’re not using unnecessary energy to heat a hot tub you are not using.

reduce hot tub running costs by only using your Lay-Z-Spa at the weekend

The below is based on the assumption that the water is cold, has been shock dosed the week prior and you want to use your Lay‑Z‑Spa on Saturday and Sunday night. Follow each step, right to very last one, so that you can adopt an effective weekend routine.


On Friday morning, set your preferred temperature and turn on the heater. If you can in the evening, or Saturday morning, check your water’s chemical levels. Adjust the levels accordingly to make sure everything is balanced before you use it. If your chlorine is looking low, consider using the Clearwater Fast Action Tablets. Dissolving in 30 minutes, each tablet can raise your chlorine levels by 2ppm per 600 litres or 1.5ppm per 800 litres. This can give your water a quick, high boost of chlorine to help bring it back up to the right levels.


By the evening on Saturday, your Lay‑Z‑Spa will be heated to your desired temperature with perfectly balanced water chemistry and ready for you to sit back and relax. You can simply unwind in the luxuriously warm water and feel invigorated by the hydrotherapeutic benefits of the massage systems. Once you have finished, put the lid back on and leave the heater on.

After you have enjoyed your Lay‑Z‑Spa for some much‑deserved relaxation, you can turn the heat off. At this point, give the water a shock dose of Chlorine so that it maintains accurate sanitation until your next use the following weekend. We would recommend that you switch to a clean filter cartridge and leave the filter running. The cost of leaving the filter running is minimal. If you don’t, you will encounter a considerable loss of water quality and may need to change the water.

We have carried out tests in both Spring and Summer conditions to calculate energy usage and approximate running costs for both week and weekend use. If you use your hot tub for more than two days, it might be worth keeping your heater on instead.