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11 Sep 2022

A Garden Dome Igloo – Perfect For Relaxing In The Garden

Garden Dome Igloo

A garden dome igloo can be your perfect spot this summer for relaxing in the garden. Have you ever wanted a conservatory but could not afford one? The garden dome igloo is a cheaper alternative option and ideal for relaxing or glamping in the garden this summer.

The year 2020 is a time when none of us will be able to freely enjoy the summer. Holidays abroad, camping and even forest holidays are out of the question for the near future. Therefore, why not bring rest and relaxation into our home while we wait for the pandemic to taper off? This is where garden dome igloos and other alternatives come in handy. Below are 2 options for you to choose from when you are shopping for an new addition to your garden.

A Garden Dome Igloo Perfect for Relaxing in the Garden

A garden if used effectively has multiple functions to help us with our daily life. A garden should not become just a place about working. It should also be a place of having fun, but also about relaxation and tranquillity. Therefore make a dedicated spot in the garden where you can rejuvenate your senses and soothe yourself.

The Garden Dome Igloo

How to use the Garden Dome Igloo

Unlike a conservatory, the garden dome igloo is not attached to the side of your house. Therefore, when it arrives you can fit it in a spot that suits you perfectly . I can think of numerous uses for the garden dome igloo:

Use it to glamp out

Make it your conservatory

Let it be a playhouse for children

It can be your place of yoga and meditation

Place a couple of comfortable and natural pieces of furniture and use it to read, sip your coffee or take an afternoon nap.

What are the benefits of a garden dome igloo?

The biggest benefit of an outdoor special place is that you will spend more time in the garden. It will be a place of tranquillity. It will help you relax and be a great addition to your garden.

Have you ever been to the Eden Project in Cornwall? The Eden Dome transfers you into a completely different world when you are inside the dome. You can personalise the garden dome igloo so that it gives you the peace and tranquillity you want.