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09 Sep 2022

Turning Your Hot Tub Into A Cool Tub

The summer air can be oppressive and horrible, but your usually hot hot tub could be the place to cool off this time of year! You can actually enjoy your hot tub all year long. You can lower the temperature of your spa and take a refreshing dip instead of a steamy soak. Kids and adults alike can enjoy the cool of this mini-pool… minus the cannonballs, of course!

Beat the Heat

For an escape from the summer heat, lower your hot tub’s temperature to below normal body temperature (98.6° Fahrenheit). To speed up the cooling process, remove the cover (your spa will retain heat as long as it’s covered). Then, turn on some jets and get the water bubbling to help release heat from the water into the air. You can turn your hot tub into a pool in the hot summer months. Doing so won’t damage your spa either.

Sweet Dreams

After you’ve cooled off, you might consider bumping up the temperature a few degrees and putting the cover back on. Your spa will be warm and ready for a relaxing soak in the cooler evening air before turning in for the night, promoting a sound sleep.

Every Season is Hot Tub Season

Your hot tub can be a source of year-round relaxation. When looking for warm water hydrotherapy, the ideal temperature varies by personal preference and depends on factors such as age and health recommendations. Typically, a temperature between 100° and 102° Fahrenheit is comfortable and safe for most healthy adult bathers. Try setting your spa controls somewhere in the upper 90s and increase the temperature a degree or two at a time until you are comfortable without feeling overheated. Feeling like you need to sit in the cooldown seat or get out completely and cool off means the temperature is too high or you have been soaking too long.

All Back Garden Bubbles spas are preset with a maximum temperature of 104° Fahrenheit for safety. Be considerate of the health needs and ages of all spa guests and set your temperature at a comfort and safety level appropriate for the most sensitive guest.