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30 Aug 2022

5 Tips for Owning an Inflatable Hot Tub

Are you a new inflatable hot tub owner? Here are our best tips for looking after your new spa.

An inflatable spa is an affordable way to bring a touch of luxury to your patio or garden. To keep your easy access to relaxation just a stone’s throw away, you’ll need to know how to take care of it and keep it running in tip top condition.

Keeping your inflatable hot tub running is actually very simple! A consistent cleaning routine, a regular treatment with chemicals, and knowing the warning signs will keep your spa healthy for years to come. We’re going to introduce you to our favourite tips to keep your inflatable hot tub running efficiently and healthily.

1. Leave it running!

This may be surprising to hear, but turning your inflatable spa off frequently is actually not the most efficient. If you want to use your inflatable hot tub regularly, say more than three times a week, the most economical and effective way is to keep the spa heater running. You’ll find it’s much kinder to your electric bill to maintain a set temperature than heating from scratch each use.

If you plan to use your inflatable hot tub less frequently, we suggest keeping your spa on standby mode. The Smart Filtration system will automatically run every few hours to keep your water clean while the anti-icing system will automatically engage to heat the water to 3°C when water temperature drops below 1°C. All other functions will remain off.

If you plan to leave your inflatable hot tub for more than 2 weeks, it is best to drain and deflate your spa and store it properly for next time.

2. Lock in the heat

Let’s not forget, heat rises! It’s important to keep your inflatable spa covered as soon as you’re done using it to lock in the heat. Make sure you’re creating a good seal so there’s no opportunity for heat to escape.

Finally, block the wind. Wind blowing over your inflatable hot tub not only cools the surface, but also evaporates your water. To avoid topping up frequently and having to reheat, consider placing your tub near taller items or screens to prevent wind. As an added bonus, you’ll also get some privacy.

3. Keep it clean

Treat your water regularly with chemicals to eliminate harmful bacteria. We recommend a full clean once a week. The most common options to keep your water clean are chlorine and bromine. To be more cost effective, you can often purchase the chemicals needed for inflatable spa maintenance in a bundle at your local pool and spa store. Check your pH balance regularly with our 3 in 1 water test strips.

Aside from chemicals, one of the best tips that often goes forgotten is to always shower before entering your inflatable spa. Your spa should be a tranquil place to unwind, not a place to soak in the dirt from the rest of your day. Before you or your guests get into the inflatable hot tub, take a quick shower to wash away oils, lotions, and dirt from skin. These substances are often the unknown culprit to cloudy water and stains in your spa.

4. Change your filter regularly

A healthy filter keeps dirt and grime out of your spa. Filter cartridges also keep your pumps healthy and free of debris that can clog or damage them. We can’t stress enough how important it is to check your pump and filters regularly.

Clean your filters after every use, or at least every other day that it is operating. A quick wash will keep them in good running condition. Every few weeks, or longer if you use your inflatable spa less frequently, you’ll want to quality check your filter and change it for a new one if needed.

5. Monitor your water

Monitor your water for signs that it needs to be changed. Frequent changing of water can put pressure on your utilities bill, while not changing water often enough can lead to build-up of dirt and chemicals or other issues. Here are some quick warning signs and what they mean:

Discoloured Water: You may have too many chemicals. Give the inflatable hot tub a full clean and then retreat the water for a proper pH balance.

Foamy Water: Check your filter! It may require a simple swap or you can add some anti-foam treatments. Also ensure your guests haven’t accidently brought in any soap or shampoos.

Strange Odor: Drain and clean your infltable spa fully. Your spa water shouldn’t have any strange odors when treated with chemicals and a proper filter.

And that’s how you do it! These quick tips to look after your inflatable spa will ensure you can continue to enjoy relaxation at home for years to come. Need more help? We have an excellent FAQ page for less common troubles you may come across.