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Why hire a hot tub in Christchurch, Bournemouth, Poole, Wimborne?

23 Aug 2022

The weak economy isn’t enough to stop people from hiring one of the most relaxing luxuries you can add to your home – the hot tub.

After a long day at the office, full of meetings and hours spent at the desk, the warm water is the perfect escape, as well as tool, to offer both mental and physical relief from the day.

Hirers choose hot tubs over other relaxing remedies because it is one of the best ways to relax all year round – especially in the winter. In fact, the winter weather is one of the key reasons why hot tubs are hired; it is a great way to sit outside and relax and enjoy the cold weather.

Adam from Poole spends his entire day working and pushing his body at construction sites. He has found that one of the best ways to wind down is to jump in the hot tub.

“I do construction for work, so after beating yourself up all day it’s nice to go out and just relax,” Adam said. “It’s a great way to just cut back after work.”

He also added that he uses hot tubs most often in the winter for the extra soothing experience.

“I barely ever use it in the spring. It’s nice because when you are sitting in it you are sweating, but when it starts to get cold out, it feels really great,” he explained.

Adam is one of many who enjoy hot tubs in the winter. In December, 54% of people looking to hire hot tubs wanted to use it as a way to relax, with the number growing through the winter.

The numbers continued to grow by summertime, when schools were out and kids spent longer days at summer camp. Adults took advantage of the quiet and the vacation time to relax outside with friends. In fact, the number of people looking to hire hot tubs as a way to relax grew nearly 10% by the end of July.

Although a hot tub is a luxury to have, some people find it a necessity – especially older adults and athletes. The second most popular reason hirers want hot tubs is for the hydrotherapy and pain relief benefits.

For anyone, hydrotherapy can reduce stress, headaches, and help you sleep better. Athletes swear by hot tubs as a way to relax muscles and joints, and older people love how it eases arthritis pain.

Often the same hirers who are hiring hot tubs for hydrotherapy and pain relief benefits are the same people who have been using hot tubs for over a decade; such is the case for Ken and Peter from Bournemouth.

“We hired a hot tub in Blandford and we loved it,” Ken said. “So when we moved here (Bournemouth) we had to buy a new one. We use it every day of the hire, and we found winter is the best. It takes all the aches and pains out.”

What starts out as a way to relax slowly becomes a way of life. Although hot tubers enjoy the relaxation sensations of the warm water, the health benefits encourage the need to keep it around.

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